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Mar 17, 2017
Is RTX upgrade worth it or should i wait even longer? Also CPU overclock help, Upgrade help, PSU help, BIG PROBLEMS HELP

Last month i built a new pc and 85% of the parts i have are new and some i used from my old build. The only thing that is lacking is my GPU and RTX super 2080 i found for 580 used on ebay so im tempted on getting it because thats a big performance bump for me. Also what are the next logical upgrades for my computer. Should i return 9600k while i still can and get a 9700k?

I have overclocked my CPU to 4.8ghz and when i try to push it to 4.9 and up in PRIME 95 with AVX on i heat up fast i hit 80C in about 5 minutes and then i stop test cause i get scary, Idk im just getting addictied to these upgrades and i just dont know what to do next and i dont feel like the computer is really done but i still like the 1070ti.

I just feel incomplete because i have 165hz ips g sync 1440p monitor and the 1070ti doesnt push that most game i put on medium and i get somewhere around 110 fps and i just didnt think it out very good when i got 1070ti last year. And i read Amphere one is very very very strong and powerful GPU.

What can i do to make computer better? Wait for amphere? Upgrade PSU if im going to use new graphics card in mean time? Help plz thanks.

Or is it worth it for me to upgrade my water cooler? Gamdias m1a 240r i liked it when i bought it and even with 4.8ghz overclock i dont hit more than 65c when gaming and 30c when idle. But now lets say if i want to use 5.0ghz because i read it can go to 5.0ghz even tho when i try i have problem with screen freezing and programs shutting down. Do you know if i get a better cooler will it fix the problem? Because maybe the screen freeze because it jumped to 100c?

Here are my current specs.

Gigabyte Z390 Aorous Ultra
ZOTAC Mini - 1070ti
32gb RAM 3200mhz
Crystal 570x Mid tower
240 M1A Water cooler.
2x 970 Evo plus 500gb
2Tb P300
1TB Barracuda
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What is the model for your EVGA PSU and how old is it? If you're currently at a 1070 with that display size and frequency, you should be on an RTX2070 Super at the very least but given how that will soon be a previous gen card, I'd suggest that you wait out, at least until Q2 and Q3 then decide on a GPU upgrade.

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What brand is the 2080 Super? $100 isn't a particularly good discount for a used 2080 Super, so it would really need to be from a company like EVGA or MSI, who go by serial number for warranty service if you're not the original customer who has the invoice for purchase date.