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Question Upgrade to 34" ultrawide (3440x1440)

Mar 16, 2020

I would like to upgrade to a 34" ultrawide monitor, for example this one: LG 34GK950G (Nano IPS UWQHD-gaming monitor with G-SYNC).

Currently, the computer is this:

Motherboard: B360 Gaming Infinite A (MS-B915)
CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20ghz, 6 Cores
RAM: 16gb
GPU: Geforce GTX 1080 (8gb)
Current monitor: ACER Predator 27" (with G-sync), 1080p

As it is now, the system runs for example Red Dead Redemption 2 at the highest settings without any problems.... How do you think that would that work with a 34" ultrawide at 1440p?

Would there be any point in upgrading to a RTX2070 for example? And if yes, is it possible to just connect a newer card like that to that motherboard (couldn't find it in the list of supported boards?)

Thanks in advance!
Ok I don’t play RDR2 but I do game at regular 1440p 144Hz with a 2080 Super. In modern AAA games I can get 120+ FPS using a mixture of medium to ultra settings and Ray Tracing off. I don’t see a 2070 as an upgrade, more a side grade.

Its up to if it’s worth it. If you want 100+ FPS you are going to have to compromise on game settings at such a high resolution.
Mar 15, 2020
Hi Bigfoot,

So I have the Acer Predator 34” and it’s a blast with both the visuals but also the refresh rate.

However, I think it’s best you know that this will impact performance to a fair degree. So when I fire up RDR2 I can run on around medium settings and still get drops below 60 in more demanding areas.

my rig is a 7700k oced to 5ghz and a pascal Titan X, all on air

I hope this gives you some point of reference.