Upgrade to AGP 3450 drops fps in certain games


Mar 22, 2009
Hi there,
My gf and I have been playing Dragonica for a while now which is a free to play mmo, she has an older computer listed below with a ati 9800pro, yesterday we decided to buy her a new gpu on a low budget so we found a AGP Asus HD3450 512mb for only 38 pounds.

Yes this card is low end, but it should give much better performance then her old 9800pro, shouldnt it?

Games like Killing Floor get a higher fps in high settings, but Dragonica has a slight decrease in fps and thus run it pretty bad.

Her computer:
Windows xp home
Pentium 4 3gb clock speed
1gb ddr ram
HD 3450 512mb AGP
300 watt (im running a dual core 2.4ghz 4gb ram and 3850 512mb on a 300 watt so this shouldnt be the problem?)

The game req:
P3 800MHz CPU, 256MB RAM, 2.0GB Hard disk space, GPU (Nvidia GeForce 2 or greater), 1Gb Internet connection

P4 2.4GHz CPU, 1.0GB RAM, 2.0GB Hard disk space, GPU (Nvidia GeForceFX 5700 or greater)

Does anyone know why it runs this game slower? And how to possibly fix this? In theory the game should run perfectly :S

EDIT: It has the latest AGP hotfix driver from ATI


Aug 19, 2009
If u want performance your going tobe limited with only having the slow 8x AGP. Even tho they make that card same card on PCI-E its still not going to perform the same. AGP really limits your choices for GPU performance.