Question Upgrade to an Old Flagship GPU?

Nov 1, 2018
So ive been using a Radeon R7 370 2gb for about a year and even though its been very good value for money (50 pounds) i could do with an upgrade so my Ryzen 7 1700 can stretch its legs.
And i have a budget of around 300 pounds. But here's the problem. I'm weird. I dont want a boring mainstream graphics card (RTX 2060, RX 580 or whatever). I'm looking more at older workstation and dual GPUs, for instance here is a list of GPUs i've been considering

GTX 690 4GB (£ 90)
GTX Titan 6GB Kepler (£ 130)
GTX Titan X Maxwell (£ 305)
Radeon HD 7990/8990 (£ 120)
Radeon R9 Fury Water-cooled (£ 130)
Radeon R9 Nano (£ 200) - for some reason these are still really expensive here in the U.K.
Radeon R9 390 8GB (£ 100)

The reason iam posting this is because i have a feeling that if i buy any of these old beasts im going to regret it quickly, and i was just wondering if anybody still owns/ has owned any of these GPUs and whether iam just burning money buying one of these old flagships?



Dec 5, 2015
Ok, I have been asked many times about this. My answer can be long or short but because I am writing from my phone, I will keep it short.

Don't buy old flagships.
There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn't buy. Some are:
Power hungry (in most cases older flagships need more power).
Old tech with less gimmicks than the newer ones.
You will need to upgrade sooner if you aim to play AAA games OR you upgrade your monitor.
To those you can add SLI/ Crossfire not scaling well or even not being supported in the majority of games (since you mention multiple cards) AND the fact that you might also need to upgrade your PSU (you need to include that to your budget and I am not even mentioning the extra electric cost if you care about it).

Buy a mainstream 2060 as you called it.
Hope that helps.