Upgrade to i7 or wait for haswell


May 25, 2012
Hello everyone. I'm new to the community but I have some questions for all you people that are much more informed on computer matters then I am ^_^.

I am currently gaming on a Dell XPS M1730. I play D3 and GW2, during the beta weekends, but have been noticing that my fans are working extremely hard to keep up with those games. I was then, wondering, what I should do when I do decide to buy a computer.

I plan on purchasing the computer around Christmas. However, I know that the new haswell are supposedly to come out around the Q1 2013. So, should I buy an i7 around Christmas or should I wait for the haswell and continue to attempt to game on my XPS?

Also, I know that the gk110 is coming out soon as well. Would y'all recommend that I wait for that or just use the gk104 chipset for a gpu? I plan on gaming, initially, on a 1080p monitor but eventually want a triple-monitor setup for 3 27" monitors. With that in mind, should I go sli gk104 gpus or sli gk110 gpus?

All of y'alls help would be greatly appreciated as I want to build a really nice system, but I don't know what to do about those components.



Dec 25, 2009
You should buy an Ivy Bridge. Intel is going to raise the prices significantly for Haswell as they are monopolizing the gaming CPU market.

I would wait for GK110.

btw Microcenter has the i7-3770k for $290 right now...