Question upgrade to rtx3070

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Oct 24, 2020
I do not have much money at the moment and this is my computer, I want it to be for games.
And I want to upgrade in the future
So I want to buy an rtx 3070 video card and connect to a computer.

I have an oplex 5040 computer
With i7 6700 processor
16gb ram 1600hz (4gbx4)
Samsung 970 evo ssd
The board has an 8pin connection to the supply
I bought an adapter from 8pin to 24pin
And I added a vs650 power supply
I also replaced the case with a computer

He will not burn?
And how much will he utilize himself in percentages?

Thank you
That build will surely bottleneck the 3070 and your power supply is slightly worrisome. The 3000 series cards will need a reliable power supply since they have power spikes every now and then and if your PSU (power supply) can't handle that power draw (whch a 650W is pretty low) it will randomly shut down. I'd recommend waiting until you can upgrade basically everything (you can keep the SSD).
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