Feb 21, 2010
I have a motherboard of Intel 865GVHZ & My current processor is Pentium 4 2.40Ghz with 512 MB DDR-1 Ram.

I can't play those games which are require minimum 1/2 GB of RAM & 1/2 GB Graphics Card.

My questions are:
1.can I buy 2 GB DDR-1 RAM & 1 GB Graphics Card for playing those games?

2. which types of Graphics Card is suitable for my configuration?

3. can I update it to core 2 duo or dual core?

4. which is better - core 2 duo or dual core?

5.what motherboard should I buy to update it to core 2 duo or dual core?
Your motherboard is for an Socket478 P4 CPU chip. You can expand the memory to 2 GB, but the board does not have a PCIe-X16 video slot. Instead of trying to find a compatible AGP card, you are better off saving for a new AMD or Intel i3/i5 system.