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Question Upgraded 1080 to GTX 2080Ti Having No Improvement on FPS

Nov 10, 2019

i upgraded my 1080 to a rtx 2080ti

system specs:

i7 4790
700w power supply
16Gb RAM

I am seeing no improvement in Performance on the New Modern Warfare with FPS its abit worse and freezes now and then, I have no idea I have removed the drivers with DDU.

Is it brcause of the cpu bottleneck?

i should still see a huge fboost?

Please help
1080 is a pretty strong GPU. If you were already GPU limited which I would expect, then you won’t get any more boost regardless of the GPU. If you were at 100% CPU usage with the 1080, a new GPU won’t make the CPU do better.


Dec 5, 2015
Ok, it's time to ask what games are you playing and what fps you were getting and currently get? Because when you say that you don't see a big difference in fps, it's relative. Some people mean that differently than others.

Write your full system specs properly please. Don't forget to include make, model and age of PSU.
Use my signature as a guide on how to write them properly.


May 20, 2017
I once ran a 660Ti on a quad core Phenom II. Not so great. I upgraded the GPU to a 1060Ti. Quite an improvement, and more solid on fps, but still not great. Then I was given a free Titan Xp...very little fps change, almost not noticeable. Looking at GPU load even the 1060Ti never hit 100%. I don't think the Phenom II x4 ever pushed the Titan Xp beyond 40% of capacity. Then I upgraded the CPU to a 6600x, and suddenly demanding games brought GPU use up noticeably, with ok fps gains, but the RAM was still at a low clock speed (like 2200MHz). After setting the RAM to its rated 3200MHz my frame rate went up dramatically, even compared to the same 6600x with the same RAM running at a lower speed. CPU throughput matters, and matters a lot.

Today, with the 6600x and Titan Xp, the most demanding game for me is Star Citizen. Even so, the 6600x is incapable of pushing a Titan Xp beyond about 80% capacity. Your RTX is far more capable than the Titan Xp. I strongly believe that every person suggesting CPU bottleneck will be correct. A fast GPU just transforms data quickly...take away the data and the frame rate goes down dramatically.