Question Upgraded 3090 FE to EK waterblock.

Sep 25, 2021
I just upgraded my 3090 FE to an EK waterblock (Vector) and am not able to get the video card to post. This is my second computer with water cooling as I did my main computer and it went without a hitch. The system I am having issues with has the following: Asus Maximus VIII motherboard, I7 Intel CPU with a Kraken closed loop water cooler. I am running external Koolance water cooler system. I was running a second air cooled Asus Strix 6700 xt in bottom PCI-E slot with 3090 on top slot. Corsair 32 gig ram (2x16). I figured I could just strip down the FE add water block and drop back in and Godzilla would be happy (name of computer). Unfortunately, this was not the case. I checked to make sure GPU was properly seated, but mother board LED gave 98 code. Which is I believe GPU output device failure. Tried 3090 in other two slots...nada resolution. Put 6700 xt and got it to fire up and post. Now getting a CPU overheating in bios. I do have the case on its side....could a closed loop Kracken CPU cooler have an air bubble????? I am about to remove the water block on cpu and repaste and retighten it. Although this is a case of it was working....why is it not working now??? I do not believe I damaged the 3090 as repadding and putting in a water block is not a violent procedure. I have not yet ruled out a pump failure on the Kraken.....not sure how to check for that as it is only 6 months old. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated on getting this rig back up and running.