Upgraded CPU and Mobo, computer now freezes randomly for a couple seconds and other issues

Aug 28, 2018
Hey, so recently I upgraded my Mobo, CPU and RAM from a i5-4670/GA-Z97-SLI to a i7-8086k/MSI Gaming M5. I went ahead and transferred old parts like my AIO cooler and 1060. However bought a new PSU, an RM750x. The installation went fine and everything is great but when playing games and even browsing the web. I get these random freezes for a couple of seconds 10~ seconds usually that happened absolutely randomly, I gave windows a fresh install keeping old files and I also updated my BIOS to the latest version. I also get another issue where my USB devices (Keyboard, Headset, Mouse) randomly lock up and I can't use them. For the same amount of the time as the freeze is (10 seconds) any help would be grealy appreciated!
My first move would be to do a clean install of Windows, I mean totally wipe the disk. Your old files should be backed up elsewhere. If you aren't starting with a a fresh install of Windows after a major replacement like you did, I wouldn't bother trying to troubleshoot anything else until that is squared away.