Question Upgraded CPU, Now It's Loud and on Fire!


Oct 16, 2012
I bought a new Republic of Gaming PC about a year ago, that came with an AMD Ryzen 5 CPU. Always super quiet. The fans would run loud for a few seconds at start-up, then not a peep after that.

I just upgrade to the AMD Ryzen 9, and now the fans are kicking off and on about every 10 minutes (regardless of the activity or idle). And they are VERY loud/fast. Noticeably more than before.

There were a few settings changes. When I first booted up with the new CPU, it gave me a message about "...XYX file is corrupted, hit Y to reset or exit to save old config and reinstall old CPU." So I reset that. Then it gave me another bios screen saying "New CPU detected, enter your BIOS setup to continue." I did that as well. While in the bios, I did a "Load Optimized Defaults" reset and then saved.

Everything works great and there are ZERO issues. Just loud as hell now. Wondering what got reset, and what the best way to fix it back would be?


I'd also like to mention the heat...this thing is on fire! I downloaded NZXT Cam to monitor some things, and I notice it's idling at around 75-80 celcious when the CPU is idle, and jumps to around 90 (with about a 10% CPU load while loading Photoshop for example). I have read this is normal for this particular chip set, but is it THAT normal? And should I consider getting better cooling than the stock hardware from the Republic of Gamers?
The ryzen 9 is much more powerful. For example, a ryzen 5 5600x should be a 65 watt cpu. A ryzen 9 5900x is 105 watts. Of course it will boost higher than that under load. If you are still using for example a wraith stealth cooler, no wonder your cpu is griping.