Question Upgraded CPU, now the monitor shows no display ?

Dec 23, 2022
Motherboard: b550 tomohawk
CPU: 3600(old) 3700x(new)
Ram: corsair vengeance 32gb 3600mhz
Gpu: msi 2070
Disks: 2 hdd, one external ssd and one samsung ssd(the ones attached to the motherboards forgot what they are called)
Psu: 750w gold evga
Case: corsair rgb
Montior: samsung 24 inch FHD curved gaming monitor
Peripherals: keyboard, mouse, x52 hotas, ir camera

So recently have upgraded my cpu from 3600 to 3700x, made sure that the 3700x has no bent pins, no blackened pins, none. Was only used for a year or two with my mate and worked perfectly for him, and my PC turns on perfectly fine but nothing appears on the monitor. The thing is this had happened previously when I got the 3700x the first time, and then my motherboards cpu light kept lighting up after installing the 3700x, and even when I put the 3600 back in it would have the same problem. The way i solved this was i booted it with no disks connected and my 3600 in. But now that my 3700x is in, It no longer works? The cpu motherboard light this time turns on for 5ish seconds then turns off, and only half my periphels turn on, namely my hotas and ir while my keyboard and mouse show no signs of turning on (I have tried switching usb, no luck).

Have tried every solution under the sun, such as my previous solution, resetting bios, changing back to 3600(it did not work like last time), making sure everything is plugged in properly etc. Anyone have any idea on anything I can try now?? I sent the motherboard about 2 weeks ago back to seller and they said everything was fine, so I'm stumped. Next and last thing I can think of doing is completely disassembling pc and re building it maybe??? Any help is appreciated and thanks.