Question Upgraded DDR3 Memory to 2x8(16)DDR3 sent my pc into a reboot cycle, im not sure what to do

Apr 6, 2022
Hi All that can help

Recently i have decided to upgrade my RAM in the second hand pc that i had bought, originally 12 gb 1x8 and 1x4. i got 2 new 8gb at 1600mhz.
The motherboard only has 2 slots for ram
Specs as follows:
motherboard - gigabyte H81M-DS2
Original Ram - 8gb -Adata at 1333mhz and 4gb -lenova at 1600mhz
New Ram - 2x8 ARKTEK DDR3 - 1600mhz
cpu -i5 4590
gpu - rx580 8gb
psu corsair vs 550

The problem occurred when i changed the ram modules from the 12 to the 16. it then proceeded to send my pc in a reboot cycle that(turns on for about 5 seconds then Off then On and so forth)..
what i have tried:
  1. resetting bios by removing cmos battery
  2. updating bios
  3. checked whether the new modules actually worked by inserting them one at a time which i got to work and sent my pc into the bios settings and then windows(i tried with both modules and both worked like that)-this means that both dimms work and are not faulty.
  4. When i tried to insert them one at a time as mentioned above. i found out that the one RAM slot(B) works fine with the new 8gb ram module but ram slot (A) does not work with the new RAM.
  5. i then tried to mix my old RAM with the new RAM dimms( the 8gb-Adata and the new 8gb Arktek) and it worked perfectly with the configuration being New Ram in RAM slot B and old Ram in RAM slot A.... if i switched these around it would then send my pc into the same reboot cycle.
  6. My last resort was to actually clean everything, even went to buy some electronic cleaner to spray into the slot and obviously that did not work

i have now fully exerted all my options and have come to you guys for help
To summarise:
RAM slot A seems to be the issue and is somehow not accepting my new 8gb dimm at 1600mhz but will accept my old 8gb dimm at 1333mhz
All i want is to run my new ram at its advertised speed of 1600mhz to squeeze just a little more fps is some games.

please help


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

LoTR... :LOL:

How old is the PSU in your build? Are you able to get into BIOS with your older stick(s) of ram? If so, please check and see what your BIOS version is for your motherboard at the time of writing. Might want to parse a link to the ram kit you've purchased. If I were you, I'd have looked into a branded ram kit since unknown/lesser known brands tend to eave you with half a head of hair by the time you come to a conclusion(after troubleshooting).

Older sticks of ram and newer sticks of ram aren't the same, they will be made differently and might require more or less voltage than the prior kit. There's also the matter of lower quality IC's being used on a ram kit that might cause instability(and in your case, BSoD's).

FYI, try and return the ram kit and source one by Kingston(HyperX Fury) or G.Skill's. They should work out of the box.