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Question Upgraded GPU now computer just completely shuts off when gaming.

Jun 30, 2020
I upgraded my GPU from a Nivida GeForce 1060 Gigabyte 3gb to a AMD Radeon Gigabyte 5700 XT and now whenever I play games my PC fully shuts off, no BSOD just fully powers off and won't turn on until I unplug and replug my PC. At first, I thought it was just the game I was playing Valorant because it seemed to only be with Valorant but just recently it happened while I was playing the Witcher 3. Also, it is weird because it didn't crash while playing Witcher but instead as I tabbed out I also stress tested my PC on 3DMark and it worked fine. I don't believe its overheating because my GPU temp is around 50-60 and my CPU is around 40.
I tried everything; Updated Bios, Updated Drivers, Uninstalled Nivida Drivers. The only thing I can think that it is my PSU, but I'm hesitant to buy a new one since my computer worked perfectly on my old GPU. Could this be because my new GPU is using more Watts than the old one? I would really appreciate help
Ryzen 5 1600
AMD Radeon Gigabyte 5700 XT
600W Evga Bronze PSU
16GB of Ram
MSI B350 Mortar Motherboard


The B1 is not one of their good models.

They have BOTH good and not very good models and most of their products that can be recommended are those based on various Super Flower platforms Do NOT simply choose a power supply because it carries the EVGA name, because while they certainly have some excellent models, they have some absolute turds as well and I mean models well known for failure practically every time they are put into a gaming or other system with moderately demanding requirements.

Not very good are the W1, N1, B1, B3 (Most models failed Aris Mpitziopoulos stringent testing), BQ, BR, BT and G1 NEX models. EVGA seems to like releasing a new model every other week so there are possibly other unlisted models that you'd do well to avoid beyond these. When in doubt, if you can't find a review on an EVGA unit, it's probably because it is either too new, or it's quality is seriously lacking.

Good models are the B2, GQ, G2, G2L, G3, P2 and T2 models. Seems that the EVGA G5 series might be best avoided. The OEM is FSP on the one reliable review so far which was for the 1000w model, and while likely not strictly FSP's fault, the unit did not look like a worthy successor to the G2 or even the G3, which itself was not as good as the G2 but still better than most units out there. There are other, better choices than the G5 at this price point including their own G2 models, which, are getting hard to find. I think even the GQ units would be a better choice.
If possible, I would suggest trying a known good PSU, if you have one lying around, or can borrow one, etc., to see if that solves the problem. Your system isn't all that power-hungry overall, but given that the B1 is known not to be all that good, that's where my suspicion lies.
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