Question Upgraded GPU; Steam games cause PC crash as soon as I load them

Apr 15, 2019
Hello all; this may be lengthy because I've been trying to read forums and solve this problem for weeks now and can't figure it out.

So, I bought a pre-built gaming pc (CyberpowerPC) from Best Buy almost a year ago now. It came with the AMD FX 6300 processor, RX560 2GB GPU. ( )

After consistently playing Steam games such as RS6 Siege, The Long Dark, PUBG, etc., my GPU fried about 7 months after purchase and I had to replace it. At this point, I figured I'd get a beefier GPU since the previous one was pretty basic and well, fried itself. So I bought a AMD RX580 8GB and upgraded my PSU as well to a 600W EVGA PSU. As a noob PC builder, this was pretty much all the components I thought I'd need. Sure enough, PC fires back up, reading the GPU and functioning smoothly. Until I decide to fire up a game from my Steam library that I had been playing pre-GPU meltdown. Gets to the loading screen and entire PC freezes, no alt-tab, no ctrl+alt+del, nothing. Forced to hold down power on case until PC shuts off and I can try again to no avail.

I have read that I may be bottlenecking the GPU and therefore also need to upgrade motherboard+processor. Maybe underclock my GPU? Many people seem to suggest that is a PSU problem but I just bought a solid PSU that meets the recommended power for the GPU. I have Radeon drivers up to date and don't seem to see any BIOS changes that need to be made as the motherboard is only a year old.

So my main question is: Is the fix to upgrade motherboard/processor? Do I need a bigger PSU? Is this GPU faulty? Perhaps just software/drivers that I've forgotten to change for the new GPU


Jan 25, 2008
Hard locks are not simple to troubleshoot. I would start by testing each part of the PC separately if you can. You will need to do a memory test with something like memtest86 (its free), or windows built in memory test. Next I would run a CPU stress test using something like Prime95.

Of course, before doing those tests, I would verify that your GPU is seated properly, and you have the latest GPU drivers from AMD. Also double check your power connectors. Most motherboards have the main 24 pin ATX connector, and a small 4 pin connector in the rear corner. Make sure you didn't forget the 4 pin.


Might just be faulty gpu, theres been a lot of rx580s that have been like this.

Install afterburner and underclock the gpu by 50-100mhz and see if its stable. If it is stable, then return the gpu for a new one as its faulty.