Upgraded my gpu but now my motherboard does not recognize gpus in the PCI slot

Jan 21, 2019
So after switching out my old GPU for a new one and using DDU to wipe out my drivers, I restarted the computer and my monitor was not picking up any signal from my new gpu and after trying to troubleshoot it I found that in the bois while looking at my pci slot it says pciex16_2 listed not present, now if I have something other than a gpu in that slot it just shows up at x1 so it is recognizing things in it but even putting in my old gpu it no longer sees it.

My first pci slot is blocked so I can not test them in there.

The motherboard is a maximus vi gene and the bios is the most recent version

Tried cmos reset as well with no results, I am hoping there is some kind of bottleneck or something somwhere causing this because I am at a loss for ideas and it is really important I get the PC running again for work