Upgraded Pc and refreshed Windows, sound is now kind of broken?


Apr 15, 2017

First off, here is my build. What was upgraded was the Motherboard, CPU, a H700i and added the 1TB SSD. My previous components were: an i7-6700K, ASUS MAXIMUS VIII Hero, Corsair 760T. The headset and mic combo that are having issues are : Audio Technica AD900X's and a Mod Mic 5, they do work on other devices just having issues with this one.

From the start I was having issues installing windows again on my new system, took me a few hours of troubleshooting to even figure out what was going on, for some reason my motherboard wasn't detecting my M.2. , then it wasn't booting into windows and was wanting to try a different boot option, then I finally got on launching a safe mode boot for windows which was able to finish the fresh install. Started to work fine after that. After that mess I installed all of my drivers for the motherboard from the official website and when that didn't work I installed RealTek Audio straight from their website, adjusted settings in Realtek HD Audio Manager and also tried switching the cables in case I was being an idiot and had the mic+headset switched. I've also tried switching from the motherboard to the front of the case and still no luck. Uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers with no luck as well. So far it seems regardless of what I do it doesn't seem to be able to detect both my headphone + mic. The reason my post says "kind of broken" is because it's able to detect my monitor (XB271HU) and put out sound, which is a good thing?

If you need anymore details, just feel free and ask and I can address them.

Another weird thing that I just noticed, my DELL 1908WFP seems to be having some weird issue where it looks like the screen is buzzing or it's like one of those old CRT TV's.

Unsure on where to go from here and all help is greatly appreciated!

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