Upgraded Router and Modem and Internet Is Now WORSE


May 24, 2016
I recently decided to upgrade my router and modem for my household. I game a lot and was experiencing random lag spikes or jitters while playing multiplayer. I tried a wireless range extender in my room since it is a floor above everything and used the Ethernet port from it to my console and it fixed my lag when I used it but I had only borrowed the extender.

I went to best buy to get a range extender, one made by net gear with multiple Ethernet ports and a best buy worker told me I was better off upgrading the router and modem so I did. Originally we had a basic modem rented from our ISP, and a Netgear N600 for the router. I upgraded to a ARRIS SURFboard 32x8 modem, and a Netgear AC3200 Tri Band Router.

Since purchasing these my Download Speed bumped up from 30-50 mbps to 60-90 mbps, and upload decreased from about 7 to 5 surprisingly. Speeds are better except for upload slightly, but the issue is the router kind of crashes in a way almost everyday. The speeds will drop to about 4 mbps download and 5 upload randomly and when I restart the router the issue is fixed.

When it drops that low it is practically inoperable. Everything takes a long time to load on any device. My firmware is up to date and my ISP told me that it does that sometimes when too many devices are using the network but I do not think that is the case. My old router would stutter but never dropped speeds like this.

Also I have the same amount of devices on my new router as did with my old. On average 4 are active, and not all on the same network. Some on the 2.4 ghz network, some on the 5 ghz Network. At most in the day there are 6 devices using this router at once and that is rare and also I think this "upgraded" router should be able to handle that. So I am trying to figure out the issue. When I restart I usually only do the router and that does the trick. Speeds up from like 4 to 80 download just off of a restart. My firmware is also up to date by the way. Thank you if you read all of that.

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Yeah, it sounds like you didn't really need to buy that new gear, just a cheap AC1900 router to configure as an access point for some 5GHz bandwidth and a second 2.4GHz channel. Perhaps you can return the Best Buy items, if so I can recommend a good inexpensive router to use as the AP.

For your gaming, a much better solution would be a pair of AV2-1000/1200 powerline adapters like any of THESE models to reduce latency and eliminate interference from other devices.


This response may be coming too late but I agree that the Netgear router should be returned if it all possible. We had a Netgear router and after the last firmware update we started having major issues with our internet service. Replaced one Netgear router with another and then another and the issue persisted. We incorrectly assumed it was an issue with our ISP. Since replacing the router with another brand the issue disappeared.

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