Upgraded Ryzen 2700x build has worse performance on BFV, errors in Prime95 and MemTest86


Nov 20, 2016
Hey all,

So I recently rebuilt my PC to the following:

Fractal Design Meshify C ATX (from a Coolermaster N200 mATX)
Crosshair VII Hero (from an ASRock H97 Pro4)
Ryzen 2700X (from an i7 4970k)
32GB (2x16) TridentZ DDR4 3200MHz C14 RAM (from 32GB 4x8 G.Skill DDR3)
EVGA Supernova G3 650W PSU
EVGA GeForce 1080ti (The only internal part brought over from my previous PC)
27" Asus ROG 144Hz monitor

I work in video and 4K video editing with the Ryzen and working off SSDs instead of external HDDs is amazing. The good news is that so far, my build is very stable with Premiere Pro CC 2019.

I sometimes game, too, and I loaded up Battlefield V the other night. I noticed that performance wasn't perfect, dipping down to 45-60fps at 1440p at times. With my previous PC, I rarely noticed anything below ~80fps at 1440p. I was wondering why this happened, since I use the same GPU, and the 2700x should be marginally better, if not the same, than the i7 4970k in gaming. Also, when I'm exporting a video with Adobe Premiere, my CPU usage was a constant 100%! I ran Prime95 and got a couple errors within the first 5 minutes.

I then went and confirmed/changed some BIOS settings (I am a newbie at this stuff and never planned to overclock):

AI Overclock Tuner - Default (not DOCP Standard - should I try that?)
Performance Enhancer - Auto
Memory Frequency - 3200MHz (so it is at the proper speed)
Memory Presets - The Stilt's Fast 3200MHz 1.4v profile (was on The Stilt's "Safe" previously)
Core Performance Boost - Auto
SMT Mode - Enabled (was on Auto previously)
TPU - Keep Current Settings
Precision Boost Overdrive - Enable (was on Auto previously)
Qfan Control all on the Standard defaults
In Windows, I also changed the power plan from Ryzen Balanced to Windows Balanced.

In the BIOS right now, as I check this, my CPU temperature is at 48C... not great either, eh?

After all this, I ran 10 copies of Memtest86, and a few had errors.

Now, before I start the process of testing individual sticks of RAM, RMAing my CPU, etc, is there anything I can do in the BIOS to stabilize and optimize my system? Any other tests I can run? I would really rather not stress myself over this, as day-to-day usage, including video editing, is perfect. Thank you for any advice!


I'd suggest enabling docp for your ram and rerunning memtest. If you have a bad stick you'll never get great performance but the errors could be from some low level timing you manually set on the ram. Docp will set them all for you


Nov 29, 2015
I am surprised by a 20 FPS drop given you're at 2K, but if you were OC'ing the 4790K pretty good it could have been higher. Some of that may be due to the next point which is....

.....RAM. Ryzen setups are infamous for not cleanly achieving 3200MHz on RAM whether its 3200 RAM or not. That said, typically the system just straight up won't boot if that's the case. If your'e running memtest and getting errors, you might simply just have bad RAM. Maybe try setting XMP in the BIOS and after it auto-sets 3200, immediately manually tune it back one step to 3000 or 2933. Then test again and see what happens.

I'd reseat the RAM to start too. I've seen it fix errors, no joke. If you're still throwing errors on the new RAM though, I'd RMA.

Higher CPU temps in BIOSs is typical also. There's usually a little more voltage run through the CPU when you're in your BIOS so you'll see higher than normal idle temps in there. Don't sweat that one.


Nov 20, 2016

I did not OC the 4790k. Perhaps the drop isn't 20fps (this is mostly subjective testing, some FPS counters), but the 2700X drops fps here and there while the 4790k never did at all.

Is setting the XMP the same as setting the DOCP for the AMD chip?

Is there any way to know whether the CPU itself is having any problems? Do my BIOS settings for the CPU look alright? They seem to be, from the little knowledge I have about this stuff. However, this is also my first AMD chip in 15 years of toying with computers...