Discussion Upgraded to a 3080 but same performance as 2070 Super it replaced


Feb 14, 2018
Hey, guys...I just upgraded (lucky) from an EVGA 2070 Super XC to an EVGA 3080 XC3 Ultra. I play World of Tanks and after installing the new card, installing the proper drivers, and no in-game settings changes, I'm still getting the same 115-120 fps on the 3080 that I was getting on the 2070. I play on a 3440x1440 uw display.

I did oc the 2070 so it was running at about 2000mhz, but I expected to get way more fps out of this 3080.

Rest of system:
i7-10700k at stock cooled with an Arctic LFII 360 AIO;
Patriot 4400Mhz 4x8GB at stock (2133)
Seasonic Focus GX-850

Using HWInfo, I see the card pulling 300+w when in-game, so I don't think it's power throttled. In-game, the GPU is running at about 55-58c. In-game, the GPU clock goes to 1950Mhz.

Like noted above, I figured at stock, this 3080 would generate a lot more frames.

Vsync is not activated in the game or in nVidia CP and no other frame lock is activated that I can see.

Appreciate any tips, suggestions....thanks in advance.
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