Question Upgraded to GTX 1660 SUPER, keyboard doesn't work in BIOS

Sep 2, 2020

relevant specs of the top of my dome:
Asrock Z87 Pro3 mobo (2013)

I recently upgraded to a GTX 1660 SUPER after my old HD 7870 died (didn't want to invest a ton in a top of the line card, don't really need the high end performance). It works great... once the OS boots. I have my system dual booted with Windows and Linux (Centos 7.6). Currently, I am unable to use my keyboard before windows boots, therefore I am unable to access my bios or select Centos from the grub menu...

Also, I am able to use the keyboard during boot with the integrated video and the older card (which is crapped out).. I removed the GTX card and checked the bios settings and I have secure boot and fast boot disabled, so the usb ports should be getting power during the boot. To make it double weird (maybe?) ... the keyboard will work the first boot after installing the GTX card... but once the computer is restarted it goes back to not recognizing the keyboard until after booting into the OS.

I read a bunch of different forum posts and discussions about not detecting a keyboard during bios and I believe this is probably an issue with the older mobo and GPU not getting along. The latest BIOS version for the mobo is from 2015 (well before the release of the 1660, even the 1080, etc). Am I just kind of SOL here?

Any help or ideas are appreciated, thanks!