Question Upgraded to rtx 2080 stutter


Jan 17, 2014
I upgraded my gpu from 970 to rttx 2080. Now I have a stutter in every game I play and I didn't before. I have ddu and installed new drivers, Completely installed windows again. I am getting great temps on cpu and gpu . From what I can tell its happening when my cpu hits 100% (I7-9700k) So shouldn't be bottle necking I wouldn't think. I close all aplications when I open a game, didn't have to when I had 970 but it still doesn't work. Also have tried old drivers Im stuck looking for help, my next step is to rma the card but from what I've seen a gpu usually isn't the cause of the stutter. I'm losing my mind here lol so any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

specs: I7 9700k 4.7ghz have tried it at stock.
zotac rtx 2080 amp
ssd 860 evo 1tb
cosair 1000watt psu rm series
Z390 mobo
1080p 144hz(seen other people run worse processors and rtx2080 with this resolution)

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