Question Upgraded to Win10 and now it's deleting partition tables off my storage HDDs.


Jan 22, 2014
So, I needed to upgrade this PC to Win10 from Win8.1 with great hesitation in order to get a new network adapter working because it doesn't have drivers for Win8.1. The upgrade went smoothly, everything worked fine, and then I noticed three of my hard drives were missing from This PC: View:

Opening up DiskGenius, I could see that the partitions still existed: View:

If I were to open Computer Management before assigning them drive letters, it would ask me to initialize all three drives, but doing so just writes a new partition table to the drive and the drive comes up blank. Then I have to go through the trouble of restoring the partitions through DiskGenius which is annoying at best.

So I assigned letters to the drives, but they're supposed to be E, F, and G in that order. Instead, DiskGenius assigned them F, G, and I, despite what I chose when assigning the drive letter(which was F, X, and Y): View:

I was then able to go into Computer Management and reassign the drive letters properly, though it told me E was in use by a network drive that had been disconnected. This is not the case, as they're all physical hard drives plugged into my motherboard's SATA ports: View:

While I have a workaround in place, this is the FOURTH time this has occurred in the last two days since upgrading to Windows 10. I have no idea what could be causing this or why and I'm not even certain where to start looking.