Question Upgrades start a snowball of major issues.

Sep 17, 2019
For the last 3-4 days since i upgraded my Nvida 1660 ti to a 5700xt I have had a bunch of major issues. It began with the 5700xt being funky on instillation of its drivers, I assumed this was because I did not use DDU to uninstall my nvida drivers, so I decided to freshly install windows. Once I did that I began boot looping into BSOD. I went to get a -CPU with integrated graphics, but it still did not boot. I removed my m.2 drive and was able to boot, freshly install windows and my drivers on my HDD and figured i was good to go, reinstalled my m.2 and had the same issue. After replacing the storage drive I identified the problem to be the mobo so that was replaced. Once that was replaced the drivers had to be reinstalled and installed a few more times before they installed fine and the games installed fine and I was gaming fine for a few hours but then I began black screening and either crashing or not being able to click on the monitor that was hosting the game. This particularly happens when I am tabbing between my monitors. In addition to this my wireless peripherals (xbox controller, wireless mouse, wireless headset) all have stopped working at one point or another with my controller and mouse permanently being displaying lag at time unless the mouse is connected. I have not done the same for the controller all though i suspect that to be the case. In addition to that there are times when I cannot click on the screen, mainly only when the game has black screen crashed. I have uninstalled and downloaded the game again and I have mess with the setting. I do want to note the crashing does only happen on one game consistently but has happened when Ive had clients of three smaller games open . Basically what Im wondering is what in the HELL is going on. Other than the Black screen crashes Im perplexed by the wireless components not working. Ive had the controller for my other builds and its work completely fine and Ive had no input lag or at times my hip sight is thrown 180 degrees without me touching it. I THINK the mouse may have just been out of batteries but there is some deff lag in the controller for what its worth

update: something else im noting is programs not opening. ATM its Corsair's ICUE but ive also had problems with discord.

Ive built maybe 6-7 other computers in the past and have upgraded my machine several times before this and never had an issue.. All of my parts are sourced from my local miro center but ive been in there so frequently Im concerned Im going to be flagged or something for so many returns but I just want my machine to run.

system specs

ryzen 5 3600
cooler master 212
5700xt gigabyte
16 gb gskill rip jaw 3600 mah xmp profile enabled
aorus b450 pro wifi
power spec bronze 650 watt
inland m.2 256gb
old seagate 1tb HDD
dark core corsair wireless mouse
Corsair void pro
xbox one wireless controller with wireless adapter
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