Question Upgrading a Dell XPS 8500

Oct 26, 2020
I’m currently looking to upgrade a Dell XPS 8500 Desktop bought in 2012. I’m looking to use it for a Quest 2 that’s on its way, as well as amateur photo and video editing, which at the minute is quite sluggish.

The games we'd hope to play indicate that the graphics card needs upgrading. I’d hope to get a Nvidia graphics card, possibly a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super or something similar to have something decent but not silly money.

I don’t think my power unit is strong enough. The power leads from the unit to the graphics card only has 6 pins, and a second 6 pins a bit back on the lead. Would anyone have any advice on upgrading the power unit and the graphics card. Is the fact that it is a Dell-made machine going to make things incompatible or complicated?

The Dell power unit has 460w.
The motherboard is a Dell make.
The CPU is an Intel i7-3770.
The graphics card is an AMD Radeon HD 7700.
It has 2TB of hard drive.
I’m awaiting another 16GB of RAM to arrive this week, so it will be 24GB.