Question Upgrading a Prebuilt Lenovo Legion i5-10400 ?

Dec 25, 2020
I got the Lenovo Legion i5 10400 from Costco last week and received it this past Tuesday. When I opened it up just to see, the first fan I saw looked off with even a corner broken off. I also read that there's a bracket preventing the D460 motherboard from allowing access to the 6 total SATA III slots for upgrading. It allowed access to only one slot instead of six. SATA 1 & SATA 2 slots

If the bracket really is blocking off the rest of the SATA III ports, what method would you suggest for fixing it? I'm thinking of this configuration:

Core Processor
Any Intel 10th Gen i9 cpu processor

Primary Storage & Boot Drive (instead of the SATA III as the boot & primary storage)
- 2 NVME SSDs on the two M.2 (m key) slots -- one reusing the 256 GB SSD and the other ideally being a 1 TB / 2 TB SSD like the Samsung T7

Secondary Storage
- On the 6 total SATA III (6Gb/s) slots -- one reusing the 1 TB GB HDD and adding another 3 TB to 10 TB HDD split up across the six slots/in one slot.

These were other things I noted to check for. I think I identified that the fan is indeed not installed correctly. If anyone else has this computer, let me know if this is correct. I don't know what it typically looks like:
  • Case lighting comes turned off and turns on with Lenovo vantage app on pc
  • Check if SATA III bays are either 2 or 6 accessible total due to the bracket
  • One SATA III bay slot is already used by the 1TB WD Blue HDD
  • Check if 256gb SSD WD Black M.2 is on the PCIE-M2_1 slot
  • If it is on there, it disables one of the 6 SATA III connectors (where the 1TB WD Blue HDD is located)
  • If the 256gb ssd nvme WD Black m.2 with m.2 cooling heatsink is soldered onto the board (if so, what can be done?)
  • Check if the single fan 1660 super & dual front fans with ball bearing are installed facing the right directions
  • Fan issues - front fans usually blowing exhaust outwards - fix is to reverse the top fan so that it blows air into the case
  • Fans should be blowing in different directions
  • Dual front fans - should see the label on the inside since it blows air across the case to be vented out the back
  • Bottom fan should be blowing out for cooling the drive bays. Shouldn’t see the label and the air should be coming out of the small vent at the bottom of the front panel
  • If the FSP 400w psu power supply is propriety
  • If you need to replace the power supply psu, check if they’re propriety – I believe this means that means you’re limited to the psu power supplies provided by the manufacturer. Cannot use generic brands
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