Question Upgrading Acer Predator G3620

Jan 25, 2021
Hello All,

I hope you can all help me out a bit as I am not the greatest person when it comes to PC and upgrades.

I have an older Acer Predator G3620 with an i7 3770 but I wish to upgrade the video card as well as some RAM (currently 8GB at 1333mhz. been told that is very slow), however I have no idea what I should look for and what my options are. I am aware that when reading some other post newer cards wont work due to the available slots and/or kind of connections

But can any recommend what my options are for affordable RAM and a new GPU, if any if it is worth it at all or if buying a newer PC is a much better option (I can imagine that most mid range PC's will outperform my old one)

Any help or suggestions is much appreciated!


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A 3770 is still a reasonable CPU for 1080p gaming.
Sure, newer mid-range stuff will outperform it, but will also cost much more than the $0 it now costs you!

At best, that system shipped with something like a GTX660? If so, there are lots of (relatively) affordable GPU upgrades. Will depend on what you're trying to achieve. I'm not aware of too many issues with upgrading GPUs in that system - beyond physical limitations in the case, airflow availably & PSU connectors.

If you have a GTX 660, that'sa 115W TDP card and requires a 6pin PCIe connector. Anything along the same power requirements should be fine. GTX1060 or RX570 come to mind initially. There are others.
The PSU may have additional PCIe power connectors, I'm not sure....can't find much info on the quality of the unit, so I wouldn't push it too hard.

For the DDR3, anything else of the same spec should work, but mixing/matching can be problematic on occassion, so replacing witha 2x8GB kit would be the smartest move (just perhaps not the most economical).