Build Advice Upgrading after 12 years, Please help me choose the right parts for my new PC

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Jan 19, 2017
I live in EU (Estonia) and while the power grid here is really good, blackouts can still happen. Random ones 1-2 times a year, while scheduled ones 2-3 times a year (i get a notification, one week in advance, when power in my area is gone due to maintenance and for how long). Despite we having a good power grid, it isn't 100% fault proof. And due to that, i bought UPSes as well. UPSes, good ones, doesn't come cheap in this part of the world either. I had to fork out €230.10 EUR, per UPS (4202.19 EGP). But it's just a small fraction of what my PC costed. :sweatsmile:

When you've popped a topic in TH about your monitor, let me know and i can join you there as well. ;)
BTW I'd love to see your PC specs :giggle:

I've just posted it here :geek:


BTW I'd love to see your PC specs :giggle:
You can access all 3 of my PC specs from my signature. Hosted in the site.
I also have them listed in pcpartpicker site, where purchase prices of each component are listed as well + total cost of each build;
Skylake -
Haswell -

I like the pcpp site more since it has better readability. is newer with all their expandable site parts (build updates).