Upgrading an Acer E15 Laptop


Sep 2, 2015
Hello Everyone.
Recently I purchased an Acer Aspire E15 (E5-573-54TG) which come with i5-5200u, 4GB DDR3L and 8GB SSD+1TB Hybrid HDD.
I am considering to upgrade this laptop but I want to be sure that everything is going to work fine, because once I do it, I will loose my warranty...
I am intending to upgrade to 16GB DDR3L (2x8GB modules) and a 250GB SSD.
I am able to do this on this kind of laptop?
I don't know but this laptop come with 2HDD slots?
...Now I run windows 10 upgraded from windows 8 (preinstalled from factory). Can I use the same windows licence on another copy, on the new SSD if I am upgrading it?
...I have one more question, my actual HDD is a hybrid one (8GB SSD+1TB HDD), once the SSD is not shown up, I think that somehow is integrated into that Terabyte (running on only C;/ drive). If I re-partition this drive, Is there any chance to get lower HDD performance overall?
... and as a last question, is there any chance to damage my laptop doing the upgrade, or to lower the lifetime?
Thank you very much and sorry for my English mistakes.