Feb 10, 2012
My husband and I recently switched computer because mine was better for gaming. I like the asus but would like to upgrade what I can on it. I know the ram can easily be upgraded, i checked and i can get the card out and back out but I'm not sure how to know what's compatible and what isn't. In addition to ram, is there anything else I can upgrade without too much trouble? I see mentions of switching out the motherboard, is that more of an expert kind of task? I'm not computer illiterate but all this is beyond what I've ever needed. That said, if there's are basic instructions, I'm sure I could sort it out.

Ideally, I'd like to get the eepc more up to speed with our other netbook, an asus ul30a. My husband can play Star trek online with it, i can navigate the internet quickly enough for my satisfaction, watch netflix, install and play things like the sims, etc.

I'm continuing my google search for information but anything you all can offer would be greatly appreciated


Feb 15, 2012
check this one
the easiest ways :)

avoid these mistakes :non:

for (how to) connect things check these newegg videos on Building A PC.Which will give you basic information on computers.You may skip part 1 of the videos if you wish as part 2 is more relevant for your query "I see mentions of switching out the motherboard, is that more of an expert kind of task?"i.e."if there's are basic instructions"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 is based on installing windows,drivers may skip it.Suggesting it just as upgrades need drivers to work properly.

To check compatible memory check this. :)

If you need anything else please post your computer specifications so I can help you.
Wish you Good Luck ;)