Build Advice Upgrading Build: Advice on GPU & 1440p and 144hz


Aug 20, 2014
So I've been looking to upgrade for awhile (I'll include my current build and prospective build).


Current use:
I mainly use my computer (since entering college) for browsing, watching youtube, and light to moderate gaming. I do game consistently but not heavily anymore, however, I have been playing a lot of the new Modern Warfare. So the games I do tend to play are pretty hefty ones to run. Obviously the ideal situation would be to run everything at 1440p and 144hz but after research, that doesn't seem feasible or possible any build that costs anything short of a small mortgage.

Notes: It'll be hard to change my mind about the CPU because I'm getting it from a friend for a cheaper than market price because he bought it on accident.

1. My first question/discussion is asking for input on getting either a 1400p 60hz monitor or 1080p 144hz monitor.

2. My second question is a more general one about graphics cards. It stems from the first question in not knowing what monitor I should/want to get. Ultimately my decision for which graphics card I get depends on whichever monitor I purchase. The GPU, most importantly, can't break the bank and secondly, I don't want to get performance that doesn't live up to the possible visual performance of the monitor I buy.

3. Last question is more specific: Minimum required PSU wattage for the 1600-Ti is 500w. I'd rather not have to upgrade my 550w. Should a 550w PSU be sufficient for a 1660-Ti paired with a Ryzen 7 2700 that I'll probably overclock a decent amount.

TLDR: Just looking for really any input/discussion on GPUs (mainly the 1660-Ti and monitors based on my situation. Wouldn't mind any feedback on the overall build as well. Thanks!
For you upgrade I would suggest a Ryzen 3600 over a 2700 if gaming is the main priority. If you plan on streaming while gaming or using cpu intensive work applications then the 2700 may be a better because of the more cores.

1. Depends on what kind of games you play. Given most monitors these days are 144hz you can find 144 1440P monitors for slightly more then a 60hz one.

2. The 1660ti is slightly slower then a GTX 1070 in some games, equal to it in others. The next step up from a 1660ti would be a RX 5700 at around 350 USD or a RTX 2060 Super at 399 USD.

3. Your PSU is a decent unit and should be fine with any GPU I mentioned. I wouldn't go up to something like a 2070 or 5700xt on it though.