Question Upgrading Cpu checklist


Dec 3, 2015
Hey, so I currently have an i5 4690k and a 980ti and I was going to upgrade my cpu to a ryzen 3600X and getting some ddr4 RAM and I have a few questions, First, I havent really been paying attention to the pc hardware side of things since around 2015 so Im out of touch on new hardware thats came out and Im wondering if this is a decent upgrade for playing videogames like cyberpunk at least on 1080p because it looks good enough for me I just care about framerate, second will I have to buy windows again and wipe all my drives so that intel drivers and amd drivers dont cause conflicts? that was the worst part of the cpu / motherboard upgrading process for me was just installing the windows again and having to do all that, thank you!
You don't HAVE to wipe the drives, or reinstall windows, but it's best practice.

And as for the if this is a decent upgrade, It is, but, It probably won't be a game changer in fps in most games.
Newer games that utilize more cores, like cyberpunk might actually benefit from those extra fast cores, but older titles might care very little for this upgrade.