Upgrading current editing/gaming rig


What's going on poeple? First off, I know my rig is pretty decent, and should be able to handle anything I do throw at it. I currently own the follow parts:

i5-6600K @ 4.4ghz
16 DDR4 @ 2400mhz
and a 1060 6GB SC from EVGA

I usually play new games, edit using Premiere and After Effects. When using After Effects and using the Keylight effect, it crashes a lot (using 14GB of RAM). I really don't want to upgrade my motherboard since Kaby Lake would not give me that much of an increase. I also do not plan on upgrading my 1080p screens any time soon.

So my question is, should I upgrade to a GTX 1070 (for the best 1080p experience yet), i7-6700K for better performance, and probably 32GB of RAM for better multitasking. For RAM, I notice my same kit that I it is $50 more (from $70 to almost $120). What do you guys think?

the nerd 389

Nov 20, 2012
RAM is the best investment for video editing, especially if you aren't going to move to Broadwell-E or Ryzen.

The GPU wouldn't give you much that you don't already have with the 1060 at 1080p. There would be a difference, but it would be small enough that it is mostly academic. It's certainly not going to give you your money's worth.

Regarding the CPU, After Effects is well threaded (with most things), and will take as much CPU power as you can throw at it. That said, you definitely need enough RAM for it to behave itself.

So, in order of how much improvement you'll see:
1) More RAM
2) i7-6700k (although an R7 would be ideal)
3) GTX 1070

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