Question Upgrading existing M.2 SSD Boot Drive to a higher capacity one ?


Apr 20, 2020
So basically, I currently have an 256 GB M.2 SSD which is being used as my Windows boot drive as well as for various games. However, I would like to upgrade this M.2 SSD to another M.2 with more storage. I know there are ways to upgrade your SSD and transfer your OS/boot drive to another SSD, however, I only have one M.2 slot in my motherboard meaning I cannot put in another M.2 drive and then just directly transfer the data. How would you guys recommend I go about this? Do I connect a regular SSD and then transfer all of my boot data to there and then put in the new M.2 drive and then transfer again from the SSD to the new M.2 drive?

Thanks in advance for the help.


I'd make an image file of ALL partitions on the current drive.

Save that file to some other drive, perhaps external.

Then "restore" that image file to the new larger SSD.

I'd use Macrium.

Not a copy, not a move.

It's a formal process with Macrium: make an image file and then restore it.

You end up with a replica of the original system, but on the new drive.
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Mar 16, 2013
With an Image, just like this......

Assuming you have another drive with sufficient free space to hold the entirety of your current m.2 drive:

  1. Download and install Macrium Reflect
  2. Run that, and create a Rescue CD or USB (you'll use this later). "Other Tasks"
  3. In the Macrium client, create an Image to some other drive. External USB HDD, maybe. Select all partitions. This results in a file of xxxx.mrimage
  4. When done, power OFF.
  5. Swap the 2 drives
  6. Boot up from the Rescue USB you created earlier.
  7. Restore (on the toolbar), and tell it where the Image is that you created in step 3, and which drive to apply it to...the new m.2
  8. Go, and wait until it finishes.
  9. That's all...this should work.


Your plan is exactly correct.

I have had this situation before.
I had a small m.2 and wanted larger.
I bought a larger samsung m.2 and installed it on my motherboard which had a second m.2 slot.
I tried to use the samsung ssd migration aid to move my C drive to the larger m.2.
It should have worked, but it failed, I do not recall the reason why.
But, I had a spare 2.5" ssd of similar size to the C drive.
I used the samsung ssd migration aid
to move the C drive to the 2.5" ssd.
I removed the original m.2 and booted with the 2.5" ssd.
I verified that the transfer happened properly, and the original was unchanged.
I then installed the larger m.2 and repeated the move process.
The 2.5" ssd now became my point in time backup along with the original m.2
Somewhere along the line, you should have plans for an EXTERNAL backup if you value your data.
The temporary 2.5" device could serve that purpose.

If you do not want to use samsung devices, you will have to use a clone utility like Macrium reflect.
It works, I have used it before.
But, I found that it is a bit of a learning curve to understand what partitions and resizing is required.
Things the samsung app does automatically.