Question Upgrading from 1050ti

Aug 12, 2020
Hi, I use the gtx 1050ti which works quite well for older games but I think it's time to replace it with a newer model because with newer AAA games it is not so colorful. Probably if I were not a fan of AAA games I would have refrained from upgrading for an additional 2 years, but because I am, well :D. But the problem is, i don't really know to what graphic card
i should change to. I was thinking about the gtx 1660 super, but the premiere of new nvidia cards is going to be soon, so should i wait for premiere and the drop in prices of older cards? Will it be like that? I am not rly into the topic and is there such a drop in prices at all, since the release of newer cards?

My specs:

Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz

RAM: 16 GB 3000 MHz

Motherboard: Z270 gaming K3

PSU: be quiet! PURE POWER 10 700w


Aug 19, 2011
The 1660 Super will give you far better performance with games. but even the newest AAA games will not be playable on the Ultra Settings. those are more reserved for the beefy GPU's that are out there. Although waiting could help lower prices, however that is no guarantee because the prices do not drop immediately a new card is released. It would still be a little while to see the drop in prices if there is any at all.

I shouldn't say won't be playable just won't be as grand as you may hope.
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Aug 12, 2020
Yeah i don't need to play on ultra. TBH i've never did even when i could. Hmm, maybe i will just wait a little bit, until black friday and see if there is some discount.
If you have a need now, buy now.
If you wait for the next best thing, you will wait forever.
I think a GTX1660 super class card is about right.
Rumor has it that the upcoming cards will be launched at the top end.
They will be expensive and hard to come by.
Expect to be charged a premium for them.
For the most part, graphics is sold on a price/performance curve.

If you want to hedge your bet a bit, buy a EVGA card.
They have a 90 day free trade up option if you decide you need something stronger.
Read the fine print requirements.