Question Upgrading from 1080 Ti ?


Nov 21, 2017
Trying to figure out which gpu to get, I already have everything else kind of setup

32gb ddr5
850 super flower power supply
asus rog z790 motherboard

Kind of going for a mostly white build

I know everything will work/fit so not going to get too specific

Just trying to figure out what to get for the gpu my budget is about 1200. I was looking at the 7900 xt and xtx along with the 4080 but prices are kind of all over the place rn. I usually play games on a 360hz monitor and play on my 4k tv sometimes as well that has a 120hz display. my 1080 ti gets me by but for fps games i noticed its no longer solid enough to keep up with even 240fps at low settings when i play overwatch and that and at 4k i normally need to drop the settings down to mid and settle for kind of a step slightly above the ps5 in terms of quality. Also really would like to be able to use the ray tracing feature in newer games which I haven't really been able to do.

Just more confusing getting one than it used to be since last time I kind of just used amazon and typed 1080 ti and ordered my card


Jan 26, 2016
4090 - overkill in most ways...
4080 - great card, but expensive...
4070 Ti - maybe the sweet spot for you [faster 20% then 3090 Ti]
3080 - cheaper variant. 3090 is expensive and more for techies but performance is only 10% better then 3080.