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Question Upgrading From 1366x768 TN Panel

Feb 23, 2021
I Need suggestion in upgrading my laptop display

the laptop which im using is an HP 15n 259 se laptop which comes with an 1366x768(720p+) TN panel display

as i have to replace my laptop display anyways due to a large black dead spot ,

i was wondering, will i be able to upgrade this laptop display to a "full HD 1080P" Or with a "IPS panel"
Or can i find a display which is both "full HD 1080P and an IPS panel"

it would be nice if i could get an upgrade on the current display

Let me know if is any way to upgrade this display

here is an screenshot of my current display specs taken from hwinfo64

Its a
samsung ltn156at30 TN panel
40pin connector 1 channel lvds

👉Laptop Specs
Model = HP 15n 259se
Processor = intel core i7 4th gen 4500u
Storage = 240gb ssd (with 320gb caddy)
Ram = SLOT 1(8GB DDR3L) , SLOT 2(4GB DDR3L)
GPU = nvidia gt 740m
OS = windows 10 64Bit
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You're best off working with the same panel as a replacement. Dropping in a larger res panel isn't really that simple. Often times there needs to be a specific set of connectors to be pair with before you get said higher res. TO that note, the panels available as a replacement are all 1366x768.