Upgrading from 2nd Gen Sandy Bridge. Which 9th Gen CPU should I get?


Sep 12, 2011
Since Z390 and 9th Gen Intel CPU's were announced today, I've decided to upgrade from Sandy Bridge 2500K. The system is 7 years old. My main purpose is 1080P video editing for YouTube and 1080P Gaming. I don't have a 1440P or 4K Monitor at this time because I only film 1080P videos. The editing software I use is Cyberlink PowerDirector. I don't know how many cores it can utilize or if hyperthreading is useful with it. I can't decide between 9900K or 9700K cpu.

Since my last pc was an I5 quad core, I feel like I should skip 9th Gen I5 and go straight to 8 cores on I7 or I9. Will the Hyperthreading help my videos render quicker or is 8 physical cores enough?

Also what's a good memory speed to go with for this generation? I want to hit the sweetspot for performance in DDR4. I'm planning to pair the CPU with Asus Strix Z390-E or Asus Maximus XI Hero Wifi.
Wait for the benchmark report from trusted sources on the internet first then take decision!
Perhaps they are way better than I7 8700k, Ryzen 7 2700x and TR 1920X, perhaps not.
Street price (not msrp)? unknown so far.
Price/performance better? same? worse?

Yes, if you use the PC for rendering/editing, skip I5. Get only I7 or Xeon or Ryzen or I9 or Threadripper, depending on what you like and what you can afford.

For rendering, the more threads you have the faster it will be. 8 cores no HT (8 threads) should be slower than 8 cores with HT (16 threads). a.k.a. 9900k should be better than 9700k.
Bute...only time will tell. Wait!

I am also still waiting. I am using my PC (E3-1231V3 rig) also for rendering and editing (gaming as bonus). I have been holding back from hitting the buy button since Ryzen first generation and CoffeeLake. This christmas, I do not want to wait any longer. I will grab something this year!

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