Question Upgrading from 970 to 2060 OC

Apr 15, 2019
So I am in the process of upgrading my PC and im wondering if my i7-4790 (non-k) will bottleneck it? I came to the conclusion it wont but id like a 2nd opinion. On top of that since im not super tech nerd im wondering if i can just fit in the 2060 to the slot of the 970 and with same pins without any problems? I am using a custom mobo from Acer so this is kind of important. (acer predator one). I am looking into getting SSD and new Ram while I am at it and then buying a new mobo and CPU later in the line.

2060 are being sold out of stock fast and i need to make a decision. Thank you
Your 4790 will pair just fine with the 2060. Unfortunately, the CPU performance market has been flat over the past few years. While core counts have gone up, single threaded performance has changed little. Since games dont need a lot of cores, your 4790 is more than up to the challenge.

You will just pop out your 970 and insert your 2060. They have the same PCIe connection.

I would recommend doing a clean uninstall of the display drivers after you install the 2060. Use the DDU tool below in safe mode to remove the 970 drivers. Then boot back up and download the current 2060 dirvers.

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