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Will i lose programs and files doing this


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Upgrading can go very well for some and can really be a disaster for others.
You should make absolutely certain that you have made a backup of your
important data first. This cannot be over emphasised. While most well
thought out upgrades are problem free no major upgrade like this can be 100%
perfect so BACKUP. In my opinion it is preferable to make a full system
image of your previous setup using a product like Acronis TrueImage or
Norton Ghost (or other imaging program). That way if things really go wrong
you can quickly revert back to your previous setup to either try again or
live with.

There are a number of first things to do before upgrading.
1)You need to ensure that you have XP drivers for your hardware. If you
install this little freeware app now it will tell you a lot about your
hardware and direct you to downloads
http://www.lavalys.com/products/overview.php?pid=1&lang=en Make certain that
you have drivers for your motherboard, network card or modem. You may need
to get on line ASAP after the upgrade.

2) Windows XP has an Upgrade Advisor on the CD. You should run that before
upgrading and heed the report it generates. You can download the Advisor
from here but it is very large so be forewarned

3) I suggest that if you have a high speed connection you should download
SP2 and copy to CD. You can get the full version of it here

4) Run anti-spyware programs like CWShredder, Ad-Aware or SpyBot Search &
Destroy etc and do a virus scan. http://aumha.org/win5/a/parasite.htm

5) Prior to running the upgrade you must do some serious disk cleanup and
maintenance work. The first thing to do is to uninstall programs that will
cause problems for you later if not uninstalled first. You can later
reinstall them if they are supported in XP.
a) You must uninstall all CD Writing software - (Easy CD Creator, Direct CD,
Nero, InCD etc) Look for upgrades before reinstalling in XP.
b) Uninstall any third party disk management tools like Norton SystemWorks,
GoBack, System Mechanic or the like. These can be reinstalled after the
c) Uninstall any Antivirus software and any Firewall software you have
installed. These can be reinstalled after the upgrade.
d) Reset any tweaking programs you've used like Tweakui to their defaults
and then remove the application
e) Ensure that you have the installation files or CDs handy for your
currently installed apps. Many programs make the transition fine but others
will need to be reinstalled again after the upgrade.
f) Do a decent cleanup, dump temp files, empty the recycle bin
g) Run defrag. The above should render your system in decent shape for an

6) Unplug unnecessary peripherals like scanners, printers, cameras, usb
drives and the like.

7) Reboot to the desktop and pop the XP CD into the drive. Select
Install->Upgrade [recommended] and let the games begin.

8) When the install completes you will be asked if you want to Activate.
Choose "Not at this time". You really need to finish the setup and ensure
that your hardware is supported before Activating. You can choose to
Register or not as registration is optional but you must Activate within the
allotted Grace period.

9) You don't want to go online until you've enabled the Firewall. In fact
you may wish to temporarily disconnect your internet by pulling the cable.
Do this to avoid contracting the Blaster or Sasser Worm virus.

10) Install SP2 from the download you saved and finally install your
Antivirus software.

11) You may need to reinstall certain applications again before they will
run on XP.

Good Luck.
More info here Upgrade info http://www.aumha.org/a/xpupgrad.htm
Clean Install info http://www.webtree.ca/windowsxp/clean_install.htm
Using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard
Windows XP FAQ
Windows Product Activation http://www.aumha.org/a/wpa.htm
Service Pack 2 info


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> Will i lose programs and files doing this


Apr 27, 2004
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No. The upgrade will leave your current programs and files in place. In
fact, your Win98 configuration will be preserved should you decide to
uninstall XP and return to Win98. But as with any OS upgrade, things can go
wrong. So you should backup your important data.


"No clue" <No clue@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> Will i lose programs and files doing this


Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.newusers (More info?)

No clue wrote:
> Will i lose programs and files doing this

WinXP is designed to install and upgrade the existing operating
system while simultaneously preserving your applications and data, and
translating as many personalized settings as possible. The process is
designed to be, and normally is, quite painless. That said, things
can go wrong, in a small number of cases. If your data is at all
important to you, back it up before proceeding.

Have you made sure that your PC's hardware components are capable
of supporting WinXP? This information will be found at the PC's
manufacturer's web site, and on Microsoft's Windows Catalog:
(http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/hcl/default.mspx) Additionally, run
Microsoft WinXP Upgrade Advisor to see if you have any incompatible
hardware components or applications.

You should, before proceeding, take a few minutes to ensure that
there are WinXP device drivers available for all of the machine's
components. There may not be, if the PC was specifically designed for
Win98/Me. Also bear in mind that PCs designed for, sold and run fine
with Win9x/Me very often do not meet WinXP's much more stringent
hardware quality requirements. This is particularly true of many
models in Compaq's consumer-class Presario product line or HP's
consumer-class Pavilion product line. WinXP, like WinNT and Win2K
before it, is quite sensitive to borderline defective or substandard
hardware (particularly motherboards, RAM and hard drives) that will
still support Win9x.

HOW TO Prepare to Upgrade Win98 or WinMe

Upgrading to Windows XP


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