Question Upgrading from a GTX 970 for optimum VR performance. What can I do with my current setup?


Jul 10, 2015
Hello folks. I'm ready to dip my toes into VR, and am considering an upgrade from my current setup, which is as follows:

Zotac GTX 970

Intel core i5 4690k

16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM

250 GB SSD for the OS (windows 10) and a 1 TB regular hard drive for most files, including games.

Asus 797E motherboard

XFS TS 650w (80 plus gold) power supply

Finally, the NZXT case has decent cooling for stock options but I don't know how well it would handle overclocking.

This build has help up great for 1080p gaming, and I think it would be just fine for lower/mid range VR (like the Oculus Quest2/Rift S), but I know it won't cut it for say, the HP reverb G2 at full resolution.

I don't have the budget to get either a VR setup, a CPU upgrade (which would probably entail a motherboard upgrade right?) and a GPU upgrade. So, I'm wondering what options I have for GPU upgrades that won't be bottlenecked by my CPU or other components of my setup. I haven't overclocked my CPU yet but am willing to give it a try, and upgrade from the stock cooler if need be.

I am asking this here because I really don't trust bottleneck checker sites, they seemed designed to get you to upgrade no matter what.

I know someone recently asked about a 4690k upgrade, but he had a different starting GPU and different goals so I figured it would be worth another shot.

Finally, my budget is ~250. I've thought about either the GTX 1070 or 1660; some bottleneck checkers gave it a no-go but like I said I don't trust those, and they didn't take overclocking into consideration.

Thanks in advance!

P.S> Am I wrong about those pesky bottleneck checker sites?


Aug 8, 2017
You could probably get a 1660 super. As for bottlenecking, your CPU would be the bottleneck, but it wouldn't be THAT noticeable so it's not an outright "NO GO". About the sites, they're not exactly the ol' reliable but they're not incorrect either. But all in all, a 1660 or 1660 super wouldn't be bottlenecked that much with your current setup.

Math Geek

those "calculators" are all a joke. i hate those things and wish the entire term "bottleneck" would die a fast death. any bottleneck will change depending on the specific use. one game might tax the gpu hard, while another may tax the cpu into submission. it changes with literally every scenario. so how in the world do these "calculators" come up with their numbers?? it's a crap shoot and totally meaningless.

the 4690k is still a viable cpu. when it came out it could push a titan card which was the strongest available at the time. that's roughly a 1070 or 1660 super level of card now. i'm sure it can handle an even stronger card but at the time there was nothing to test that theory with. the question is really, can that card push the vr to an acceptable level? that's what you need to look into and not some random BS number put out by those idiotic calculators.

look into the games you wish to play and see what it takes to make them tolerable. if the card can handle it, then you're probably ok. if it needs more gpu power, then you know you'll have to get a stronger card.