Question Upgrading from a old 40 inch monitor


Jul 16, 2012
I lucked out 3 years ago when I got a samsung 400fp-3 monitor on eBay for a little under 100$. Funny thing was it was my first eBay buy and after getting it and looking it up it was worth 1400 used. It was in great condition too. I'll spare anymore pointless details. It's not a gaming monitor and it's wasting the ability of my gtx 1080

I'm looking to get a monitor slightly smaller that I can put on the wallmount that the old one is on. Don't care too much about g sync, but I read nvidea will have driver updates to support free sync monitors randomly. My goal for the new monitor Is preferably around 36 inches give or take a few. Budget would be 300ish but I'll stretch to 400 with good enough features. I really hope with primeday and/or fourth of July sales I can get a solid deal. Thing is I've been looking and researching 144hz, sync, response time, ghosting, and every other detail on monitors I've become overwhelmed with info I don't know what to prioritize. I play aaa titles and just want them to look good. I would really appreciate anyone who could have some recommendations. I am keeping my eyes open for sales and deals but unless I find a diamond in the rough I'm just going to stress myself out.

Just realized I forgot to put some of the things that helps you to help me.

I'm in the USA. Going to use the hdmi connector (that's a given right?). High end refresh rate and resolutions would be nice but beggars can't be choosers.
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