Question Upgrading from an i3 2100 to i5 3570 (also question about OC)


Jul 20, 2013
I have a GIGABYTE H61M-S2P Rev 2.0 and my current CPU is i3-2100 and it has been amazing thank god. It's been very hard to find a used i7 3770 or a 3570 and thank god i have found a 3570K and non K

My question is, they're both of the same price, cheap (about 70$). Which one should I get? Will my mobo be able to OC them even by little even though I read that certain types of mobos are needed for OCing? My type of gaming is not 4k and not even close to that. It's 1050p and could go lower for stable performance. GTX 1050 GAMING X. Is the upgrade worth? I've seen videos of certainly way more fps and stability less stutter (my bf1 experience with i3 2100 is hard and most battle royale games with all the stutter) and I've seen the gpu being used at 90%+ on the said i5 while my gpu on i3 2100 barely uses its power due to the bottlenck.

I could just get myself a new mobo and newer gen but that would be very expensive as I would also need new RAMs.

EDIT: My PSU is a Seasonic s12ii 520w
If they're the same price, then get the K. If I remember correctly, the K CPUs were clocked a bit higher than their non-K counterparts anyway. You won't be able to OC (easily) in a non Z-series board and you have an H-series board.

Now, the counter argument is you're buying used. A "K" CPU would most likely have been OC'ed to some capacity, whereas a non-K is harder to actually OC and chances are it worked at the default speeds all of its life.

If you can get the seller to tell you if he used the K with an OC and tells you the speeds and voltage, then you may be better off with it (depending on what he/she says) otherwise, the safe buy is the non-K.



May 26, 2014
If you have the choice between a K and non K, get the K, in this case, the K chip has the same TDP, but with better integrated graphics, and potentially better resale value in the future.