Upgrading from G5v2 mouse..suggestions?


Jul 28, 2007
I actually own the Logitech G5v2 (aka 2 thumb buttons,blue/black skin) and it's starting to act..my scrollwheel,when rolling down has no problems,but when rolling up it either do nothing or,if moved a bit further on the way for the 2nd roll, it does "2 steps up" instead of 1..then it goes crazy when trying to fix it (that sucks when i play TF2,but seems to happen a lil bit also on exploring the net or the PC)

I was looking at the Logitech's G400,wich has the same shape and all,though the DPI buttons are differently placed,though i rarely use them

in case mentioning another mouse i've got some preferences

-No DPI buttons on the left click (G700,G500) since it'll get in my way sometimes depending of where i click

-2 Thumb buttons (back and forward browsering WITHOUT the software)..no more because they'd be in the way and i dont need so many (G700) or they might have an extra function or also act as back/forward and i dont wanna do 2 steps back or forward with a big thumb click ^^;...

-Shape like my Logitech G5v2 (i have a big hand...G9x is SMALL,i tried it!)

-Wired (since people complains about wireless making random jumps or battery life draining quick)

-Scrollwheel like or similar to the G5v2's,black (not like G700 or G500,people reports problems about em similar to mines,i think)

What do you guys think?..thanks in advance..sorry if i'm specific/picky,but when i get used to a mouse it's a bit hard to change to a different one..Also my G5v2 is +5 years old