Question Upgrading from i5-6400 to i7-6700 but I've run into problems ?


Mar 15, 2014
Hello all,

First time here, ill try to give as much detail as possible...

So my PC is running an i5 6400, with an MSI GTX 1060 3GB for the graphics card. I recently got a used i7 6700. Originally when I installed the i7, my pc would randomly restart, even if it was just sitting on the desktop with nothing running besides background stuff (i tested it).

I went back to the i5 and noticed that the fans on my GPU never really turned on so I installed MSI Afterburner and have it so the fans are always on and just spin up more if they need to.

So even though going back to the i5 fixed the random restart, I thought id give the i7 another chance.

I'd say the most demanding game i play is Destiny 2 from time to time... with the original build i was running 60fps pretty much locked no matter what was going on with MEDIUM settings on, maybe id bump up certain things but for the most part i was still locked at 60fps

Tonight after switching back to the i7 heres what happened

- was playing Twitch on the other monitor and while everything was fine the sound got really.... like 8bit static sounding... i turned off Twitch and just focused on the game... however i was playing on the same settings but getting more like 45fps no matter what. The sound was still complete <Mod Edit>. I even set the graphics preset to LOW and i still stayed around 45fps. Task Manager was open and id say i was using like 16% of my GPU, and 40-50% of the i7

I'm wondering even though it hasnt crashed like it did before and im currently going on about an hour of it running with the i7, played like 30mins of D2, could it be a faulty CPU? could it be i need more than a 500W PSU? I dont have access to a bigger PSU so i cant test that..

All in all i dont even play games on pc that much anymore, i have no problem going back to my i5 6400. The whole point of getting the 6700 was i had built my son a pc for christmas and felt like doing one last upgrade to my pc and the i7 was a decent price. BUT I'd like to know if anyone has any ideas of what the problem could be, even though could be as simple as a faulty cpu.

thanks in advance!
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I think it would to answer if we know some specs
Mobo make,model:
Ram configuration, slots, xmp (on/off) :
Windows version:
MOBO BIOS Version:

Monitor screen resolution refresh rate:

Run UserBenchMark and post a link to the results. It's helpful to the community to see how your system is performing against same spec rigs worldwide.


Mar 15, 2014
So XMP wasn’t turned on for the RAM. I have (4) 4GB sticks of 2133Mhz ram. Figured since my Ram was 2133 and that’s the only speed my motherboard uses anyways that it didn’t need to be on since it wasn’t before I upgraded to the i7. I turned that on and got on Destiny 2 to test things out

No audio problems.
No 45fps on LOW, was able to go back to medium at a locked 60fps, can probably go higher now.

I’ll keep an eye on how it’s running but so far it was a much better time than last night.
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