Question Upgrading from rx580(8gb). Need suggestions


Sep 5, 2017
My current build:
mobo:rog strix b550-f gaming
cpu: ryzen 5 5600x
gpu:rx 580(8gb)
ram:32gb(2x16gb) ddr4 3200 cl-16
Now that gpu prices have dropped im looking to upgrade, this seems to be the only part holding my fps back atm. low settings( performance over visuals for me). I'm pulling around 120fps on overwatch which is my main game and the same on valorant. battle royals are around 60fps. with the prices being all over the place I'm looking for some insight from the goats :). my budget is 600 but Ill keep saving if the best option is higher.
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Feb 4, 2016

Here's a reference guide. The cas 14 memory for it is about $400 for 4x8gb single row 3600mhz or about $300 for 2x 16gb.

Cas 14 is the fastest memory you can get for ryzen and single rank memory is faster than double rank (or single sided/double sided) dimms.

Is it worth the $100 difference to find out precisely? Dunno. Your CPU could go higher to a 5800x3d I guess. So keep on saving.

There is also the option of attempting a 4000mhz memory overclock - whether that's worth it, depends on how many games and who knows what games respond well to the higher memory frequency with the cas 15 memory.

GPu- could go up to a 3000 series.

PSU - could go over corsair tx 850m. Probably don't need the 1200w psu in the reference build. Just one that's good at handling 'transients' - power spikes produced by 3000 series gpu.

If you go the AMD gpu route, maybe you'd be fine on a 650 or 750 corsair tx-m.

Well the way it looks - if you were to try to optimize your Ryzen build you could probably build an Intel 12400f rig for about the same money, or basically just upgrade the GPU.

If you upgrade the GPU and go nvidia route you need to check your PSU will cope with 3000 series 'transient spikes'. See Gamer's Nexus for info of that.

So you have 3 or 4 options really:

1)Just upgrade the gpu
2)Upgrade your memory to cas 16 or 18 3600mhz or, if it can handle it, overclock your memory to 3600mhz.
3)Optimize your memory with cas 14 (for about the price of a gpu or an intel build!)
4)Spend too much to optimize Memory, and Upgrade CPU and GPU - Basically practically build another computer for that money!
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