Question Upgrading from windows 7 to 10?

Feb 7, 2020
Hi guys, so I currently have an old rusty laptop that came with windows vista. But after some time I decided to go out and buy myself a legitimate windows 7 home premium copy. I put that into the laptop and activated it with the key from that copy. And now I have updated that laptop to a windows 10 with and usb using the windows media creation tool. But now I went out and bought myself a computer that I'm putting together. So my question to you guys would be Is there any way for me to use that windows 7 home premium key to somehow get an activated windows 10 (if it's even possible).

I'm thinking about downloading the windows 7 to a usb then use it on my new pc and activate it with my key. Afterwards I'm thinking about using the media creation tool to get the 10. Would my pc automatically get activated when moving to 10?

Or the easier way is to use the media creation tool usb to upgrade my new pc to 10 directly and then writing in the windows 7 home premium key. Although I do not if any of these would work.

What do you guys say? Is there a way to make this possible or should I just use the windows 10 unactivated (I would rather not).

Thank you!

Dark Lord of Tech

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Aug 18, 2009
That Windows 7 key was sacrificed when you upgraded the laptop to 10. If you deactivate it on the laptop and DO NOT use it anymore you should be able to use it again on the new PC. If your keeping 10 on the laptop , you need another key.


Nov 1, 2012
Ok... so you bought the windows 7 home premium key, next you installed windows 10 and got it activated.
So you don't like windows 10 much and want to go back to windows 7 home premium ?

Since your oem windows 7 product key is tied to that hardware.

You can go back to windows 7 and use it, same for windows 10.
Microsoft will recognize the key now as windows 7/windows 10 and it will automatically update.