Question Upgrading gpu or buying ps5?


Sep 4, 2022
Hi guys, so I will need your advice, I have a pc with 5600x, 3060 ti, 16gb ram 3600mhz, 750w psu. I currently play at 1080p and want to move to 1440p.

And i kinda have two options, sell the pc and buy a ps5 with some games, or upgrade de the pc with a 6950xt, 7800xt or 4070 and then eventually upgrade the psu and cpu to a 5800xt.

The main question will be that should I invest in the pc, the parts being kinda expensive or sell it and try the pso.
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I would stick with the PC. You can use your 3060 Ti at 1440p. It does okay, but it's not the greatest or the fastest. Save up for one of the three GPUs you mentioned. If I were buying now, I'd go with the 7800 XT.
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The 3060 ti plays most games @ max/ ultra settings @ 60-90 FPS
You can adjust a few settings down and get even more.

Plus you can use Ryzen master and run the curve optimizer and get a good bit more out of most chips.
My 5600x performs between a 5700x-5800x in benchmarks.
At stock clock speeds. no overclocking.
A good cooler ,curve optimizer and remove PBO limits and I have a much faster chip.
I have a 3060ti on a 3600@4.4 all core boost, great little card.
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