Sep 28, 2011
I am currently looking into upgrading my gpu in a couple weeks, I want to stay under 200 dollars. I will be using this card for gaming wow, rift, diablo 3, mainly mmos, some movies. I currently have a xfx hd4890 and a zumax 650 watt ps. Asus m4a88td-v evo MB. Need to have a pci express 2.0. Will prob be overclocking card. Prefer xfx cards but have not been able to find any newer cards still 2.0.. Monitor is 23" running 1920x1080 3-d and 2-d. Should i even upgrade for the money i have to spend or just wait? Thanks in advance
You do not need a 2.0 card although your slot is 2.0 version 2.1 cards are fully compatible. Under $200 your best bet is HD6870.