[SOLVED] Upgrading graphics card on Lenovo ThinkCentre E73 SFF ?

Jul 26, 2021
I Am looking to use thinkorswim, mt4 forex trader, and Autodesk for architecture software on this system concurrently from time to time.

going to attach multiple screens (3 in total)

my pc specs:
operating sys: windows 10 pro-6-bit
CPU: intel core i5 4460s@ 2.90ghz Haswell 22nm
ram: 12.0Gb dual-channel ddr3 @ 798 Mhz
motherboard: Lenovo 3098
graphics: Intel HD graphics 4600
storage: 465GB Seagate (SATA)

What is the best graphic card available to upgrade for this system, and if it is possible to upgrade the motherboard without breaking the bank ?

Please note that I am not very knowledgeable in matters relating to building systems but I've noticed lately it's cheaper to build a rig than buying a whole system. thanks to all positive feedbacks in advance.

my pc
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